A Little About Me

I once asked my grandmother (Grace) while watching her cook red (spaghetti) sauce, or gravy as some would call it, "Grandma, how do you get your sauce such a deep, red color?" She said,"my whole heart and soul is in that pot". She loved cooking, and it showed... not only in that red sauce, but in everything she cooked, and everyone knew it when they ate her food. She'd cook a big batch of something like fried eggplant, or macaroni and peas (yes, I said peas, it's delicious), and then she would call me, my mother and my Aunt Lorraine so one or all of us could come pick some up to take home (we all lived in the same area). Whoever got there first, took it all! No one else ever saw that food, no matter who picked it up! We all had the same story when we got to Grace's house... "I'll drop it off to them".

Both that conversation and story took place many years ago, and she has since passed, but I apply her take on cooking with me in my life every day: Never forget to do all the important things with your whole heart and soul; laugh, love, learn and live. Grandma most certainly did.

So, this website is not just about cooking (although, it is part of it...I love to cook and have tons of really great recipes), but it's also about things I love (some of my favs), junk I could live without (thumbs down), and lots of tips on everything from tunes, to glam, to social media engagement and more. I have much to say. I hope you'll be able to latch on to something again and again here that you can relate to, that inspires you, or that makes you laugh every time you come back.

Here’s the Skinny

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Southwest Florida (beautiful Fort Myers), and have been an advertising expert for 25 plus years in all things media and marketing. I'm a content writer, a graphic designer, a media buyer and a social media manager. My husband and I own and operate a graphic design studio called S2R Studios, and are a one stop multi-media design shop. My husband is just a wonderful, talented, hard working guy. He's a singer, songwriter, producer, video editor, website and graphic designer and most importantly, my very best friend. We work lots of hours for ourselves and our great customers and have a large circle of friends and family who are dear to us. We love to laugh, see the latest flix, cook at home, sing, design, write and we spend LOTS of time on social media. And then there's our cat, Simon. You can read more about him in my post dedicated to him. He's just a spoiled rotten, little Goob.

What’s Important To Me

In this life, your character speaks to who you are. It's important to keep yours in tact.

How you treat people is really important, and loyalty in friendship is key.

Honesty and a good work ethic will take you far in business.

Loving (with all your heart) and laughing keeps you young.

Lasting friendships make life better.

Strong, close family bonds give security and stability in what can otherwise be a crazy life.

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