img_3538Yes, I’m a cat lady…not a crazy one though (yet)… a cat lover nonetheless. Cats are weird, and SO funny. They’re also smarter than they let on, which intrigues me… I’m calling his name. Nothin’. “I know he hears me…that little bastard”.

Of course, I’m partial to my cat, even though he bites me (truth : ). That’s him, over there. He’s the King…he thinks. His name is Simon…we call him The Goob. The nickname fits him perfectly. Walking down the hallway is scary. You never know which room he’s going to jump out of to get your feet! He creeps me out when he looks at nothing, and he wants to be picked up… and then he stays! He also whines just like a spoiled child. But, I love him.Little Life Bytes, Karen Morreale, What I like, Cats

Cats also play with the strangest things- straws, hair ties, balls of tin foil, plastic, in the box-out of the box, in the box-out of the box, stare, stare, stare. But, just try and give him a real cat toy. THAT, he’s not interested in. Or, try and keep him focused. It’s not happening. I’ve bought worms, birds, mice, laser lights, tubes, trees, even cat nip. Nope. He’ll take the hair tie.

photo-2“The Goob” also likes to hide all his toys. He thinks he’s clever, but I know his hiding spot : ) So, when I’m looking for something to amuse him with, I don’t reach for the worm or the bird. I just look under the fridge. I know there’s a hair tie under there somewhere.


  • Cindy Frania says:

    Hi Karen,

    Very cool new site and enjoyed reading your bio and also about “the Goob!!” You know I’m a cat-lover too (well, sort of.. lol), ie “Rusty the Kitty.” You and Joe are one of my favorite couples!! Your friendship and love shines!!!
    All the best to you with your new endeavor!


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