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Growing up there was always a pot of coffee on the stove (there were percolators back then), and cake (usually a box of Entenmann’s) on the counter. First and foremost, it was there in case someone came over, but it was also there for after dinner, for holidays and for special occasions- like I said, “always”. I actually have an uncle that has always watched what he eats and is extremely fit, but to this day, the first words out of his mouth after any meal is, “we havin’ coffee and cake?”

I guess it stuck with me.

To me, still today, there’s nothing better than a good piece of cake (any cake will do), and coffee to go with it.

As far as coffee goes, I find myself ordinarily spending lots of money on not only fancy coffee pots, but also at the regular coffee joints in my area. In fact, I’ve taken the art of coffee drinking to a whole, new level! For me it’s the latest coffee drink at Starbucks, but not in the morning. Starbuck’s is saved for afternoon and evening coffee breaks. In the morning, I’d much prefer my own brew, or maybe Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. You see, I’m just a big coffee snob. In all honesty though, the best coffee I’ve ever had- hands down, is made by my best friend, Laura. She’s the real deal when it comes to coffee making. Sometimes I’ll just go over for a visit after dinner so she can make me one of her delicious concoctions. Maybe it’s all the special goodies she puts in it, like only the best coffee, real sugar and sweet cream, but it is SO, SO GOOD.

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  • Donna Falons says:

    I agree The Best Coffee is at Laura’s with some cake. Coffe , cake and best friends forever. What more can you ask for . Oh candy and ice cream

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