Facebook Changes the Way They Show You Content…Again

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Facebook  is changing the way it shows you information again, this time showing you more things that you actually spend time on.

As always, they look at lots of information before showing you what posts you see in your news feed, but up until now hasn’t really followed what you do when you click off Facebook.

“We’re learning that the time people choose to spend reading or watching content they clicked on from their news feed is an important signal that the story was interesting to them,” said software engineer Moshe Blank and research scientist Jie Xu (Well, duh). So, Facebook will now try to show you things that have a higher time spent reading.

Part of the reason for this change is that recently Facebook now has enough data on their user behavior off Facebook. Facebook still can’t tell what happens on desktop users who click a link that takes them outside Facebook, but the increasing amount of users who are on their mobile apps, means that Facebook can now receive information about many of its users and their users actual reading time.

This change is the latest example of Facebook adjusting your news feed and that encourages users to spend more time on Facebook and less time elsewhere on the web.

The next part of the algorithm update is that Facebook will start to bring more diversity to your news feed and lessen how often people see multiple posts in a row from the same source.



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  • Joe says:

    I like this change. Now maybe I will see less of the same exact post only by different people. Thanks for the insight!

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