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Do you want more followers on Twitter? If so, you can accomplish this over time. First, things first…make sure you have a profile picture (not just an egg), and a bio, so people will know what you’re about. Next, you need to be engaging and connecting with the right type of people and hearting, replying to and re-tweeting interesting tweets. Like I said, it will take some time but you may be able to speed up the process this way by doing this:

-Follow Twitter’s most influential people like Neil Patel (for instance) if you’re using Twitter as a marketer, follow who he follows, and of course, follow and re-tweet those that have the same interests as you. So, for example…If you are a social media manger, follow those in the same business as you, re-tweet other tweets of the same nature, and always use pertinent hashtags as well.

-Did you ever notice a period before an @….?  Adding a period before you @….. will let your tweet be visible in the feed of ALL of your followers. Without it, your tweet will only appear in your stream, the stream of who you tweeted and the followers you  share. (Example: .@s2rstudios)

-It’s documented that the best time to tweet is (mostly) Monday – Thursday from 9am, to 3pm. So, if you have an interesting tweet you may want to tweet it in that timeframe. But, what if you forget to send it out? Well, you can schedule it to tweet at another time! You can download a program like TweetDeck or Future Tweets to schedule tweets.

Here’s another Twitter Tip

-What if you have multiple Twitter accounts?  For instance, you might have a business and personal account. Instead of logging in and out between accounts, open your profile page, go to Accounts and just click on Add Account. Enter your second username and password, and now you can toggle between the two accounts.  You’ll need a different email address usually, but if you have a Gmail account, they offer a feature that you can to alter your address by just adding a dot somewhere in your username. For example, becomes Your messages will all be sent to you in one mailbox even when you use this seemingly different address.

Twitter will consider s2rstudios1@gmail and s2r.studios1@gmail as two separate but valid email addresses even though they point to the same Gmail inbox.


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