I Can’t Get An Orange From Florida In A Florida Grocery Store?

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I’m at the grocery store.

I live in Florida, yet every orange is from either California or Mexico.

Like I said, I live in Florida. We grow some of the best oranges in the world.

Yet, I can’t get one.

Does this disturb anyone else?

It seems everything you look at in the produce aisle these days is from some other country. So, you’re telling me that we’re not only outsourcing corporate jobs to other countries, but now we’re also buying all our produce from outside the United States as well?

I guess that these greedy, rich folk from the good old U.S. of A. will do whatever it takes to get richer, even it means putting Americans out of jobs.

Just think what would happen if we kept all manufacturing, farming and corporate jobs in America! Poverty – gone. Homelessness – gone. Starvation – gone. But no. Instead the greedy few get all the riches, and we have poverty, homelessness and starvation RIGHT HERE in our own backyard.

And, the rich get richer.

Pisses me off.



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