Social Media: Where to Begin

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Keep Up: Using the power of social media will help increase your audience and your potential customer base. However, if you don’t know the first thing about social media you may find yourself at a loss. Things change quickly and often on all social platforms. So my advice to you is to learn now about the social channels you’d like to be present on and then keep up with the ongoing changes and milestones each make on a regular basis.

Quality Everything: First things first though. When you start using social media you must make sure that quality is what you strive for. Quality content, quality links and quality images and videos! Serve your followers and potential customers intelligent, informative and interesting content and they will come back for more. And, more importantly they will share your stories with others!

Listen to Your Target Audience: So…to be successful in social media, not only will you need to push out great content, you’ll also need to know who your followers  and customers are or will be. Your target audience should be well thought out. Decide what they look like then look for them on different social platforms; read what they are talking about, see what they like, share and comment on. Also you can ask poignant, well versed questions, and actually read and take in their responses.  In other words, listen to what they are saying!

Be an Authority: Most people love to look at information that is of use to them. You can (and should) be an authority on your product, service or platform-  you can be funny or profound about our subject, but whatever that is…know it inside and out. But, don’t overrun people with your posts and information. Instead, send out quality, well thought out content when you really have something to say. And, make it relevant and pertinent to your target audience.

Be Consistent and Patient: Now you’ll need to be consistent and by all means patient. You see, a social media following doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, you can buy likes and followers to make your numbers look huge, but it’s definitely quality over quantity here. Be committed and steadfast and eventually they will come. You will have to practice too! We don’t always get it right. Readers of social media are very finicky and what they like one day may quickly change on the following days.

 Sharing is Caring: What you want is for the friends and followers you are connecting with to like, comment and most importantly share your words of wisdom, funny stories and engaging images and videos. When people share your content, search engines find keywords and phrases that pertain to you and your business, and it will be easier for them to know exactly what you do so they can show you in searches when someone is looking for your product or service.

Ways to Spend Your Time on Social Media Besides Posting: Spend your time finding people like you on social media. Chances are they have like audiences. It’s smart to have them on your team and you on theirs. This will build trust, and you can form relationships that will help you on your journey into branding your business or yourself online.

Push Out Interesting Content: Focus on developing interesting content and not so much in selling your wares. If you are engaging with people on social media in the right way they will remember you when they need or want your service or product. You don’t have to always be selling. You should also always respond to people who reach out or try and connect with you online. Follow them, like, comment and share their information as it pertains to yours, and always try and show interest in them too.


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