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The age of social media brings so many colorful and interesting things to life, doesn’t it? I mean, doesn’t it!!! Okay, for certain, there will always be some neanderthal sharing a video of some horrific scene you’d rather not look at (you know what I’ talking about…I hate those), but otherwise, there’s SO much to see, hear, watch, laugh at and yes, even learn. Every day I find something new, funny, clever, inspiring and even enlightening that I can like, re-tweet, reply, comment, share, heart or subscribe to.

But, what about putting stuff out there for others to like, re-tweet, reply, comment, share, heart or subscribe to? The truth of the matter is people are finicky. I’ve posted articles, videos and meme’s that I just KNEW would get an awesome reaction, and then they just didn’t. Or there’s things that I find bland and boring that get a ton of engagement. Many factors determine a success or an epic fail in posting on social media. It depends on what day it is, what time it is, who you’re trying to reach, where they’re from, what things they like to do, how much money they make, and the list just can get hyper-focused.

I promise you this though;  if you own a business and you are consistently engaging on multiple social media platforms, people will learn about you, what you offer, and when they want or need your business they will remember you. And that, my friends, is what social media is all about- branding your business by creating and expanding your name. It doesn’t always work, but just get up, dust yourself off and try again.

Things change extremely fast in this information age that we live in. I’ve spent years studying the art and importance of social media, especially in business. Even today I am still learning how to engage with others on social medias. I’m always trying out new kinds of posts, studying and reading blogs and news to keep up with the latest trends, algorithms, changes and updates. It’s imperative for me to keep up on all things social, especially because I do it for a living! I love it, and I want to always do it well. Check out our website at


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