Small Business Owners Need A Social Media Presence

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If you own a small business, or any business for that matter, and do not have a social media presence you are losing potential customers, referrals, reviews and traffic to your website. Come to think of it, if you don’t even have a website…now would be the time to launch one. 90% of people looking for goods and services today are looking online first- before going to a store location, before even making a phone call, 90% of the people who need something are researching it online first. Potential consumers are very different in today’s world. Gone are the days where we get in our car and go look for something at a store before searching for it online. Gone are the days that we just pick up the phone and call a store, and actually get an answer. After all, we’re busy. The internet is at our fingertips any time of day or night, on all our devices. All the information you need to make an informed decision is right there in your hand. If you want to have a long lasting, credible business you HAVE to be found online. It’s just that simple. Now, getting set up with your website, your Google Maps/Bing and Yahoo! listing, your social media and all the free online listings that are out there for the taking may take some time, and the ongoing management of all this is also time consuming because you have to be consistent, but if you don’t have the time to do it all, there are plenty of qualified experts in every city or online that can help you sort it all out.

Social media sites have a mind boggling amount of active users:

  1. Facebook has over 1.6 billion active users and those users share over 300 million photos each day…and that’s JUST photos
  2.  Twitter has over 400 million users and shares over 500 million tweets a day
  3.  Instagram has over 75 million users and they share over 70 million photos per day 4.
  4. Google Plus has over 20 million users
  5. YouTube has over 1 billion active users with over 400 billion videos watched each day

And those are just the MAJOR social media sites…there’s also Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and others. Every social media platform has a different audience. It just depends on who you want to reach and by what means. Like I said, there are people out there who can help you figure it all out. Like us!

“Users” share all kinds of information (and lots of it), from status updates and photos, to videos, referrals and reviews. They “check-in” at places, review their favorites and share their best and most fun moments. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your brand noticed and remembered when someone needs what you have to offer? Facebook along with Twitter, Instagram YouTube and Google Plus are great ways to brand your business and make people aware of what you offer and where you are in the event that they or a friend or family member needs or wants what you have.

Using these social media platforms is not only beneficial in branding your business and getting more business, but it is also essential for your website’s search engine optimization. You are rewarded by Google (who is next to God in digital speak) in the form of raising your website higher and higher in the search results when you use social media. It won’t happen overnight, it takes time, but eventually the hard work and consistency will pay off.

There are many ways to get your brand noticed on social media: organically (non-paid), through paid advertising, posting original content, funny comments/photos, liking and sharing others posts that are interesting to you, uploading instructional and informative videos, and of course and most importantly, by continuing to build your following on all the major social media platforms.

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