You Can Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook

increase engagement, organic facebook reach, social media tips, karen morreale, little life bytes, s2r studiosFacebook is great for driving traffic to any site. But, if you’re not spending money on Facebook via boosted posts or paid ads then you’re going to want to make sure to follow the right marketing tips to give you the best chance at good organic reach.

  1. Post What Is Current and Trending

Posts should be relevant and current. If it’s on the top of people’s minds, they will more likely engage with it somehow by liking, sharing, commenting and clicking. It’s like that old shampoo commercial that I always refer to: she’ll tell two friends, and he’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on. Getting people to engage with your current, relevant posts will help in improving your organic reach on Facebook.

  1. Target Who You Want To Reach

The people that are most likely to engage with your posts on Facebook are those that are interested in your type of service or product, and even a certain age group and gender that may be more interested than another. By targeting the right audience on Facebook, you will be able to drive more traffic to where you want it to go…a website, a shopping cart, more information, etc. Facebook allows you to select your audience based on age, gender and interests. This helps to drive traffic and improve the reach of posts.

  1. Times  of the Day You Post

Look at your Facebook insights on a regular basis. This information will tell you a lot about your posts, reach and engagement. The reach report and local report will tell you when your target audience is most likely on Facebook, giving you a much better chance of reaching the most of them.

  1. Don’t Share Too Much

Don’t share too many posts on Facebook. Not only can it be looked upon as spamming, but people get bored easily. One or two relevant, engaging posts can be far more effective than 5-7 mediocre posts. Remember, quality over quantity.

  1. Use Your Friends to Assist You on Spreading the Word

You know the people that you regularly interact with on Facebook? Use them to help you spread your message on Facebook! People that engage with you the most are obviously your biggest advocates. Tag them your posts so they can help circulate them around. This is a great way to improve your organic reach. I would, however, ask these folks if they are down with you soliciting their help.

  1. Post All Kinds of Things

The best way to improve organic reach on Facebook and target the new audience is to post a variety of images, videos, information, blog posts and more. This helps in engaging your audience with different things they like. They will most likely be more apt to share also!  Remember also, to always follow the recommended image sizes so that your images are clear and beautiful on all devices. No one wants to look at blurry images. It dissuades people from clicking through, that is for sure!

  1. Monitor and Engage with Similar Facebook Pages

Connect with the people who share the same interests as yours. Identify similar pages on Facebook, monitor their pages, and share their content on regular basis. Ask them to share yours as well.

  1. Join and Post to Groups

Share your posts in groups that are related to what your Facebook page is about. You’ll reach a much broader audience. Remember to avoid too much sharing on Facebook groups as it will result in disabling the group sharing of your Facebook’s posts.

  1. Use Hashtags…the Right Way

Hashtags are the best way to improve organic reach on Facebook. Use relevant hashtags, and not more than two on each post on Facebook. Don’t make them too long either. Look up the most popular #hashtags as they relate to your subject.

  1. Quality Content is Key

It’s important to create quality content to drive engagement on Facebook. It’s also important for your SEO and will enhance your digital footprint. Share quality content and images on Facebook and follow Facebook’s policies. Share original, current and relevant things, so you ‘ll increase the traffic to your website, product or service.

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