Musicians: Rock Your Online Presence!

Musicians rock your social media, little ife bytes, get social, karen morreale, s2r studios, fort myersTwo things that go together just like pb & j are music and social networking. Social media is a big part of building your fan base, getting others to listen to your music and overall connecting music lovers with yourself, your band and your music. And, additionally, engagement on social media is something every musician should be thinking about and using…consistently. After all, it is one of the most important facets of getting your name out there, whether you are selling music, playing live, or both. It not only helps to develop your fan base, but it keeps your followers in the loop on your new music, where you are playing, and connects you to other musicians in your area and elsewhere. And, one more thing that is invaluable…it lets your followers know your true personality out from behind the microphone or your instrument so they feel like they are a part of your world. So, what can you do to make sure you get noticed online? Here’s some tips:


Decide if you need help with your social media presence:

Are you able to take the time that it requires to consistenly engage on multiple social media channels? A winning social strategy calls for consistency as much as it does quality content. So if you’re not sure that you can dedicate the time and focus needed to grow your social audience, then maybe you need to enlist some help.

Choose the right social media platforms

Many feel that the most important social media platforms to identify with are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…and we agree. However, you should also be wherever you can upload your music to as well: Reverbnation, YouTube and Soundcloud, to name a few.


  • Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. That’s why you need to be on Facebook. Your Facebook page is the equivalent of what a band had on Myspace back in 2005-2006­ with one added bonus; 1 billion daily active users…potential followers. So, regularly update your Facebook page.


  • Instagram has the most engaged following, and the high rate of hashtags makes findings by its users easier than most other social platforms. Instagram growth is not easy, but since you are a musician, you probably have exciting, fun photos that you can post, and that’s half the battle. It’s also a good platform for musicians that play live because it’s really easy to snap a photo as your gig goes on. This puts you in a great spot to grow your page organically (spending no money). Share often!


  • Twitter matters because it’s a conversational type of platform, and if you are active and speaking your thoughts others will interact with you. People are very open minded and opinionated on Twitter. This can be a good thing. You’ll get to see different perspectives on lots of subjects…including music!


  •  YouTube is also the most searched social platform for music!

    DIY Musician says, ”YouTube: the new radio, the new MTV, the new record store, the new music magazine, the new everything.” Traditionally. YouTube was for video sharing and not really a social network. It has however played a huge role in many musical careers. In the days of social media comes “YouTube Musicians” and their music is shared everywhere on social media! Also, Google owns YouTube. Use this platform, and get rewarded on Google Search. Your website will show higher in search results. You do have a website, right???


  • Having a website is an integral part of being found online and works together with your social media presence. You can never say everything there is to say about you and what you have to offer in a Facebook post. But, you can refer people to your website. Having a website also makes you credible, and if your website is banging…you’re cool too!


Share great, interesting, fun content

Share content that interests you, but also that you feel will interest others. Keep it fresh (it doesn’t always have to be about you specifically). And, make sure that videos and photos you share are of optimal size (all social platforms require different sizes for photo sharing), of good quality- and that means the sound too!  Don’t repeat yourself too much either, or you will lose followers. Be funny, engaging, and get people talking with you about current events or pop culture, but try to be neutral on those subject matters.

One of the biggest benefits about social media is that it gives you access real people. When you engage with and respond to your fans and followers they become your mouthpiece! It’s like that old TV commercial….she’ll tell two friends, and he’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Just be authentic and you’ll be fine : ) And, if you need help in creating your own website or your band website and building a following on social media, give us a call. S2R Studios has affordable packages that will make your life easier, and your online following grow. Visit us at



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